Conference Conquered

My drive into DC was not bad at all! I’m filled with immeasurable pride at how easy it was. My GPS took me a way that avoided earlier mentioned traffic circle. Does it know me by now or what?! I only had one mishap, when I turned down a road I wasn’t supposed to. The GPS hadn’t instructed me to turn, so as I was waiting for the GPS to recalculate while launching an expletive-filled tirade directed at myself, I was completely baffled why I made an uncalled for turn.

Five minutes later, we were back on track. I arrived at the hotel 25 minutes later and then launched the hunt for the hotel parking garage. I drove for about 7 minutes, clutching my hotel directions in front of my face, which were not helpful at all as I had not started from the point they had started from. As I was sitting at a traffic light, my GPS barking to turn left in 100 yards, I happened to look right and see the parking garage! I let out a squeal of delight. And to my increased delight, the parking garage was not full.

I sat in the lobby for 4.5 hours on Pinterest and reading on my Kindle, taking full advantage of the free Wi-Fi. This is a pet-friendly hotel so it made me unbearably happy each day to see dogs trotting after their owners. Especially the service dogs that I’ve seen (there’s a Special Education conference also going on here), I just want to give them treats, hug them and tell them how great they are.

The conference itself was fine. It was pretty slow during the times there were sessions, so it was just my boss Sharon and I sitting there goofing off. I love Sharon so far. We have the same sense of humor and had fun sassing each other. Of course I expect in the office tomorrow it’ll be business as usual.

I, of course, made a scene when standing in line for lunch. I charged it to my room (my favorite words ever) and the cashier asked to see my room key to ID. Being the super strong human I am, I yanked it out of my wallet too hard and it went fluttering to the floor at the feet of the guy behind me. He was like 65. He smirks at me and says “You throwing your room key at me?” I smirk back, like “ha, ha, ha.” He turns to his old men friends and says, “It’s not every day a gorgeous young lady throws her room key at me!” His friends all start winking at me and bemoaning how jealous they are, and I am standing there wanting to melt into the floor, willing the cashier to hurry up with my iced caramel blend. I’m all for innocent, playful banter but this was too much. I get my coffee and hightail it out. The man walks by my booth a few hours later as I’m sitting with Sharon and one of our editors who is male. He points to our editor and says “You didn’t give him a room key too, did you?” Of course, they demand the story, and find it hilarious. The next day, again I’m sitting with Sharon, and he walks by and winks. This is definitely a story that will make it back to the office.

Room service was SO FUN! I loved it. It was so darn expensive, but having delicious food brought to me, without having to do dishes, is definitely one of my favorite things. I debated ordering slices of cheesecake or carrot cake, but the price ($10!) was too outrageous for me. I paid for my lunches, coffees and parking with my cash disbursement, and having not looked at my change, I’m nervous about filling out my expense reports. I’m terrible with math and figuring out receipts, bills (grown-up people problems, for sure!) I am also afraid of our accountants.

The drive home was just as easy as the way there, except for my GPS not being able to “find a signal” for the first fifteen minutes. I, of course, am panicked, driving through the streets of D.C. at 4:30 PM, screaming expletives at it. IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT! I had no idea where I was going and had one hand on the wheel, as I’m holding the GPS in every possible position trying to locate a signal. Longest fifteen minutes EVER. Once it finally found this elusive signal, it sprang to life instructing me to turn right on a one-way street. So I had to ignore it until it got its bearings. Thankfully, I hadn’t taken myself too out of the way before it got its damn act together.

I still have a lot to learn. Sharon knows our products so well. But I think I can do this! I can learn our products and know what to recommend to our customers. Plus, traveling every so often will break up the routine. I’ll get to see new places and order more room service…:)


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