Excited to Do Big Girl Things While Trying Not to Vomit Over Big Girl Things Logistics

I’m traveling for work for the first time! I’m going to a conference, leaving Sunday, back Wednesday night. I’m beyond nervous as I still don’t know very much about our products. How long can I hide out under my umbrella of newness? I was hoping at least another 3 months.


The conference is in DC and I’m DREADING the drive. My Google directions mention a traffic circle. That, plus the fact that it is DC traffic with DC drivers with DC patience levels, is enough to make me want to vomit. Traffic circles confuse the heck out of me (sorry, everyone else, I know…) I’m also not a very confident driver and have the world’s worst sense of direction. I don’t handle “driving to new places” very well at all. I did test-drives to and from my workplace the Saturday & Sunday before I started Monday, if that puts into perspective. I can’t get anywhere successfully without two or three missed exits or wrong turns. So I’m also quite sure I will vomit if I think too much about when I actually get into DC and have to look for the hotel garage (it’s beyond the building apparently, but the hotel directions from the front of the hotel to the parking garage are 11 steps!) Also, do I check in first or go to the garage? I had assumed the garage first, but now I’m not sure.


Another fear is that the hotel garage will be full—which I’ve read on yelp.com can happen—and guests had to roam around DC looking for parking. If that happens, I assure you, a breakdown will be had. Since the conference is at the hotel, there’s an outstanding chance this might happen. So even though my check-in isn’t until 4 p.m, and it will only take me an hour and a half to get there, I’m leaving at 10:30-11 a.m. I’ll sit in the lobby using free Wi-Fi or read my Kindle. Better ridiculously early and bored then thrown into the middle of the DC parking hunt.


What I am excited for though is my cash disbursement where my company pays for all my meals. Hoorah! I’m also pretty excited to order room service (which gets charged to my hotel room which gets charged to my company, hoorah again!) I’ve already looked up the room service menu, I’m that excited.  Having always read about “room service” or seen this “room service” in movies, I’m not quite sure I believe it is real. I also don’t know how to do it. Do I call the front desk? The kitchen? This will be covered in my hotel guest manual, correct?


So while I’m nervous about some things, I am excited to learn how to navigate a conference successfully (traveling to conferences is 25% of my job). I consider my first work trip as a part of growing up and being a member of the real world!


I’m really trying to cherish the extreme emotions I’m feeling because I know — and fervently hope — that down the line, this will all become so routine I might not even blink over it. I will update on how it goes. If you don’t hear from me, assume I’m lost somewhere in DC, cursing my GPS.




*also if you remember my first post, things are NO better and Christine and Jenna have become more withdrawn (I didn’t think it was possible either). I’ll update on that post-conference!


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